Using Numerology To Predict The Future


Using Numerology To Predict The Future
By Josh J Williams

What Is Numerology?

Since time immemorial various cultures and traditions across the world have worked with one form of Numerology or another to bring insight, guidance, and even foresight to their lives. Numerology is based on the numbers – not the numbers we count – but the numbers as ideas and building blocks that support and even nurture the world we live in. Because numbers are an integral part of existence, Numerology works by interpreting the meanings of numbers that show up in our lives everywhere from the day we were born to the number of letters in our names.

Numerology As You Know It

Many people know that Numerology can be used to gain accurate and in-depth insight into the personality, behavior, and attitude of an individual, but did you know that Numerology can also be used to predict the future? For thousands of years Numerologists have worked with the numbers to establish reliable and accurate patterns and pivots in people’s lives, and they have used this information to define when certain kinds of events are most likely to happen.

Numerology Is Personal And Unique To Each Person

It’s important to remember that Numerology is a very personal divination. This means that although all of the numbers have general meanings that may apply to everyone, the specific numbers that predict your future are based exclusively on the other numbers that make up your unique personal chart. If a 5 were to show up in your future it might mean something completely different for you that it would for someone else. The reason why so many people consult with professional Numerologists is that it often requires the understanding and expertise of a professional to find the subtle nuances and hidden meanings in the numbers when making predictions.

Numerology Predictions

Numerology predictions work by seeing which patterns of numbers will be coming in to your life at any given time. If you want to know what will be happening in the year ahead, your professional Numerologist can project your personal Numerology chart and see which numbers will be active for the year, each month, each day, and even each hour! Most Numerologists look at the monthly energies and may delve in to daily energies if a particular month has a really special or important number ruling it. Once all of the numbers that influence the various times of the year ahead are figured out, the Numerologist will compare and contrast these energies with the energies of your personal chart. Through the ways the numbers of time and the numbers of you get along (or don’t!), the Numerology expert will be able to give you great deals of information.

Lucky Dates And Powerful Times

Another way that Numerology can be a powerful predictive art is through auspicious date calculation. This part of working with the mystical numbers has been used for thousands of years, especially in areas of the East such as India and China. Let’s say that you want to open a new business. You know the general time when you’ll be ready to open the doors for the first customers to come in, but you’d like to make the most of the positive potential of your businesses ‘birthday’. A professional Numerologist can forecast into the future based on your energy, the name and energy of your business, and the energy of the current calendar year and find the most power-packed and lucky day for your new business to be born. Many people also use this same part of Numerology to plan a wedding, start a new project, put a house on the market, move, or invest.

As you can see, Numerology predictions can come in many forms, and no matter what kind of information you need, Numerology will be able to help!

Josh Williams is a professional Numerologist and Numerology teacher with over 12 years experience. He works with clients from all across the world and provides reliable, practical, and effective guidance, answers, and empowerm


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